What Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Technique is Best for Me?

Are you tired of having to fill your brows in daily, trying to get them to look perfect? We offer several eyebrows techniques. Let’s take a closer look at them.

blog-1-photo-1024x1024 What Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Technique is Best for Me?

Powder Brows

This technique makes your brows look soft but defined. If you like the look of penciling or filling in your eyebrows this technique is for you! The powder technique is to create a powdery effect for your brows, a lot like powder makeup. The powder is typically the best for oily and combination skin types as well as mature skin. It is also recommended for anyone who has had permanent makeup done previously. The powder can cover previous microblading or any fading.

Nano Brows 

If you are looking for subtle and natural brows nano brows are the way to go. Nano brows are formed by ultra-thin hair strokes between your natural hair. If you have thin hair this will create thickness within your brows as well as reshape them. This technique works best for dry to normal skin. Nano-needling is gentle on the skin, which provides a quicker healing process.


Microblading can create a natural look or a bold look. It is ideal for those wanting to fill in missing hair gaps. This will create realistic hair strokes that will blend right in with your real hair! Microblading will heal and produce the best results on normal to dry skin. This will help achieve the natural, flawless eyebrows that you have been waiting for.

Combination Brows

Combination brows are a mix of micro blading and powder brows. This gives you a mix of hair strokes and a powdery look. Which will allow the brows to be fuller, especially near the arch. We recommend this technique for those who have thin eyebrows (not too much hair) or those who want to add more definition to their brows. This is also the best fit for those with oily skin. The mix of shading and hair strokes will last longer and not become faint from the


Take this short guide to deciding which brow technique best suits you. Whether you are wanting to fill in hair gaps or enhance your brows we have something that will compliment you! Don’t wait any longer to get your flawless brows! If you are still unsure what technique to go for, feel free to schedule a free consultation with us!

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