Olga Parshenkova is the owner of the Permanent Makeup Room. She is a board-certified permanent makeup artist and certified esthetician. She specializes in natural, light-looking permanent makeup that will suit her clients in every life situation. The result is a look that simply accentuates their natural beauty in a subtle manner.

Olga has always had a passion for beauty, design, and travel. She is a wife and the mother of a lovely seven-year-old boy. Coming to the United States to attend the University of Kentucky, Olga received her bachelor’s and master’s Degrees in Accounting. She began her career shortly after, but never felt complete; she felt that her “calling” was in a different field. “I always was artistic and loved doing makeup for my friends’ weddings and parties” recalls Olga. “I’ve also always known I wanted to be a business owner”.

Another contributing factor was that Olga has followed other permanent makeup artists from her hometown in eastern Europe and has been inspired by their work on social media. Techniques like Microblading, light-and-natural powder brows, and eyeshadow-liners have been trending in Europe for the last ten years.

Olga took an interest in the advanced shapes, colors, and techniques they were using. “I was amazed how light and natural permanent makeup could be. I really wanted to get my eyebrows done that way. However, to my surprise, I couldn’t find anyone locally that provided these services. Ultimately, I ended up driving over an hour away to get my eyebrows micro bladed.” That is when Olga realized there was an opportunity for her to make her dream come true and open a small business here in Kentucky.

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What distinguishes Olga from other artists is that she uses the most advanced cosmetic- tattoo techniques, which results in the most natural light look, as well as being very gentle on your skin. An example of one of these techniques is her 3D ultra-natural hair strokes service, which is called “Machine Microblading” or “Nano eyebrows”. Nanoblading differs from typical Microblading in that it uses a smaller needle than traditional microblading does. This process has more exactness and precision because the needle isn’t as large, allowing for more natural-looking results. A nano needle also ensures the process isn’t as painful, and greatly reduces scarring. Nanoblading always lasts longer than Microblading (typically lasting around three years vs traditional Micro blading’s one and a half).

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