Lash Line Enhancement

450$ + sales tax

If you prefer not to use permanent eyeliner, however, you still want the appearance of thicker and fuller lashes effortlessly, lash-line enhancement is a procedure that might be the answer. This technique is perfect for people who’d like for their eyes to “pop” out without having a liner look.

To have your lash line look more defined, we can implant a small amount of cosmetic pigment right under top layer of your skin along your lashes.(no wings added or going above your natural lash line. This treatment is semi-permanent and only lasts for few years. The pigment will fade overtime as your skin exfoliates.

1. Consultation

We work with our clients to pick a style and a pigment for eyer eyeliner. You can either wear your normal eyeliner to show us what you like or bring any pictures or videos that inspire you. We will go over important post-care instructions to insure the best healing results

2. Preparing for the procedure

We use alcohol wipes to disinfect the skin. After we will pre-numb the skin to make the procedure more comfortable.

3. Starting Procedure

When the skin becomes numb, we will begin using a PM machine to add pigment. We start by creating a line by puncturing the top level of the skin and implanting multiple small dots to saturate the skin with the desired pigment.

4. Cleaning up work

Once the saturation of the color we picked gets high enough, we will clean up the work then you are all done! This normally takes about 1 hour to deposit the right amount of pigment

Lash-Line_3-1 Lash Line Enhancement
We use two types of numbing cremes to insure your comfort

Is semi-permanent Makeup for everyone?

Sadly, not everyone can get semi-permanent makeup. There are certain reasons you may not be able to, however, the majority of people can receive this treatment. before clients go through with the treatment, they will be informed of any conditions that make them eligible for the treatment.

Some of these are:
*(If any of the below apply to you, we ask that you have a written doctors note that approves you can continue with the procedure).

  • Glaucoma: You are only at risk if you are visiting us for permanent eyeliner, due to the mild pressure on your eyes that this procedure requires, this may worsen your condition.
  • Fillers or Botox around your eyes 3 weeks before the appointment.
  • Breastfeeding or pregnant.
  • Recent surgeries (please contact your doctor)
  • Significant heart issues (consult with your doctor first)
  • Using blood thinners (please check with your doctor if can be discontinued around the time of your lip appointment)
  • Transplanted organs.
  • Diseases/ Infections that could challenge healing.
  • Accutane (have to wait a year)
  • Hemophiliac
  • Prone to scarring.
  • Chemotherapy (Please consult with your doctor. Usually, it has to be at least two months before going through chemotherapy)
  • Epilepsy
  • Hepatitis
  • Diabetes -if not regulated
  • Cardiovascular problems.
  • Have a Pacemaker (contact your doctor)
  • Having a cold, covid, flu, viral infection, high fever, etc. around the time of your appointment.
  • Autoimmune disorders (case by case basis)
  • Laser treatment in the past 30 Days.
  • Healing problems.

If a client disregards anything on this list, we are within our rights to cancel the appointment and the client's deposit will be forfeited. When in doubt, request a doctor's note.

1 month prior to procedure


  • Any “anti-aging” or any products containing retinol.
  • Chemical peels, laser treatments on your face, and anything containing glycolic acid.
  • Botox or filler close to your permanent makeup area.

2 weeks prior to procedure

  • Stop the use of tanning beds and sunbathing.

1 weeks prior to procedure

(*If you are taking or medically prescribed anything listed below consult with your doctor before your procedure.)

  • Naproxen, Advil, Motrin, and Ibuprofen. If needed, you may take Tylenol/Acetaminophen.
  • Extreme sun exposure (tanning beds/sunbathing).
  • Marijuana and smoking.
  • DHA supplements, turmeric, fish oils, vitamin e, niacin, cayenne supplements.
  • Any blood thinners along with anything that may cause your blood to thin. Including B6, Niacin, omega 3, Evening primrose, Vitamin E, Gingko Biloba, Ibuprofen, or Aspirin.
  • No waxing around the treated area.
  • Please remove your lash extensions if wear any.

1-3 days prior to procedure


  • Caffeine. Do not consume more than 250mg of caffeine a day, including Coffee, tea, etc. (No more than a half a cup daily.)
  • Any alcohol. (No red wine.)

Day of procedure


  • No makeup on the treated area.
  • Extreme exercise (You may do light workouts such as yoga or walking).

Bring with you:

  • Any inspiration pictures you may have of your desired look for the procedure.
  • If wear contact lenses,- please bring a case for it (contacts have to be out before we start the treatment)


Day 1 (Day of procedure)

  • We will be sending you home with a pack of cotton rounds soaked in a mixture of soap and water in it. Please wipe your eyelids gently with it once an hour for 4 hours post the procedure (to remove the lymph on top of your skin).
  • Other than that, try to keep your eyes dry (no swimming or using the sauna) and keep your eyes as you can while taking shower.
  • If your eyes swell, you may take anti-inflammatory medication.
  • Do not touch anywhere near your eye area.
  • No excessive exercise for the first week.
  • Before bedtime, we recommend icing your eyes with a clean, cold cloth.
  • Do NOT apply ice directly to the eyes.

Day 2

  • You can expect the eyes to be swollen the day after. The amount of swelling varies on the person’s age, health, medications taken as well as eyeliner size.
  • Swelling will start decreasing on the second day.

Day 3

Your skin will be dry. You can use a thin layer of healing ointment such as Aquaphor or Grapeseed oil. Adding too much will prevent the skin from breathing, causing irritation and dermatitis. Only apply ointment if necessary.

  • If you experience any negative reactions stop applying ointment and contact your doctor.
  • Keep your skin hydrated with ointment for 2 weeks until scabs are gone, helping skin renew faster.
  • For the first week, you should avoid exposing your eyes to the sun, water on your eyes, saunas, pools, and sweating.
  • No makeup for 3 weeks!
  • Do not touch scabs, this could slow down the healing.
  • Wait at least 4 weeks before using any exfoliating products or creams containing acid.
  • It takes full 4 weeks for the pigment to completely show through. Please, be patient.
  • At the end of that time, you’d be able to decide if you need to schedule a touch-up (if pigment did not take in some areas)
  • We suggest waiting 8 weeks for a touch-up to provide extra healing time for clients.

The Healing Phase: What to expect

Days 1-3

  • Some symptoms you may experience are occasional swelling and redness.
  • Your liner will appear thicker, 2-3 shades darker.

Days 4-7

  • Your liner starts scabbing. Once scabs fall off, the eyeliner will become very light. Please, do not touch your scabs!

Days 7-10

  • Your liner may still look too light and possibly patchy. Give full 4 weeks for true color to show up and for patchiness to go away.

Day 11- Week 8

  • Your skin will begin to heal, and the liner will darken.
  • Younger skin may take about 4 weeks healing whereas older skin typically takes 6-8 weeks in healing time.
  • Once the skin looks healed, it’s normal for there to be spotty pigment parts. Your skin appears significantly lighter when your scabs fall off. Color of skin  lightens 30-40%

Photo-from-Google-drive-3 Lash Line Enhancement
Fresh work

Lash-linepage-healing-section-1 Lash Line Enhancement
Lash Line healed 4 weeks later

Other important information

1. Please note that the healed look of your permanent eyeliner also varies depending on your skin type(oily skin, loose skin, dry skin, unhealthy skin), and overall health condition.

2. Some medications that have been noted to affect the healed results of permeant cosmetics

3. It is important to use good skincare hydration and use sunscreen daily. Doing so will give you better results and increase the duration of your permanent eyeliner.

4. If you develop any of the following symptoms, contact a doctor:

  • Redness
  • Green or yellow discharge
  • Extreme swelling
  • Fever
  • Tenderness


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